Walking Seattle


Seattle, it turns out, is a very pedestrian friendly city. Seattle, it also turns out, with its many hills and steep inclines, is a city that resembles a level ten treadmill course. With Ohm, strapped to me in his Ergo carrier like a twenty pound weight, my time walking the streets of Seattle felt a lot like boot camp.

Unlike boot camp, I had the pleasure of sipping lattes and taking my time as I strolled the piers, jaunted up and down the fancy downtown, and rambled around the outer districts.

Seattle is a cool city. Holding the best of both worlds, it is distinctly gritty and urban, and stunningly beautiful. A place for hip singles and young families, Seattle has a culture of its own, and despite being super friendly, it possesses a definite edge.

Seattle I've decided is a lot like a cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee, deeply satisfying, ultra stimulating, with surprising notes of bitterness undercut by aromatic tones.