IICD Massachusetts Weekends


The week-end has been good to me. We work hard during the week. I thought Manhattan was intense, but I'm learning a thing or two about the Danish work ethic, mutually intense in its respective way.

I'm getting my footing here on this mountain. I've started to meet and befriend some amazing people (Maureen from Michagan, Vale from Argentina, Chris from Belgium, Tracy from Westchester- go NY, Illiana from Chicago).

Yesterday, I went into town with a group for dinner. When I say town, I mean the tiny, yet picturesque Williamstown College center. There is a pretty decent variety of restaurants and cafes, I'll give them that. We opted for an organic pizza shop. I think we've all felt a bit pizza and comfort food deprived.

One of my favorite things about this mountain commune- spontaneous dance parties. Wherever Allan, our local dj can be found, a party can be found. We found him in the kitchen this night and then it happened. Picture an industrial sized kitchen, furniture pushed to the side, lights turned off except for the pilot light above the stove, music and six crazy people dancing around for hours. It was great!

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yHfzAg93fM[/youtube] We have to make our own fun here. I feel at times like I'm at a summer camp for grown-ups. There's so much good clean creative fun. It's really refreshing.