Clear Your Aura with Selenite

The first time I ever had an aura photograph taken and interpreted I was blown away. 

It began like any ordinary picture. I stood against a screen and smiled as the photographer snapped a picture.

Moments later I was presented with what looked like an ordinary Polaroid. In the picture, I stood against a black background, grinning, a series of violet orbs hovering over my head while the entirety of my body was cocooned in white light. 

It was the first time I was able to see what I had vaguely heard referred to as an aura. It was eye opening. I mean, that's what it looked like? That was the me that preceded the physical me in everything I did!?!

This was before I discovered Reiki, Ayurveda and felt called to teach yoga. This was before I began collecting crystals and smudge wands. 

Back then, I was a skeptical aspiring actress taking a weird aura photo at a yoga retreat because my friend did and she that dear friend said that I should too. 


The photographer and interpreter later revealed things to me that caused me to vibrate with curiosity and wonder. 

I listened.

Fifteen years later I am engaged in my soul's work as a healer and spend my days connecting with and intuiting  the  ethereal body.

We have a physical body (obviously), but we also have an ethereal or subtle body.  

 Our ethereal body interacts directly with our physical body and connects our physical body to the realms of spirit. There are several layers of this subtle body that come together to form our aura. 

You can think of the aura as a cocoon of (usually) invisible energy that surrounds and impacts us at all times.  

Those feelings that you get, the moods and anxieties that stick to us often inexplicably- that can be your aura in need of a clearing after having come into contact with unwanted energies.

Sometimes negative energy is stuck in certain spaces that we encounter. Other times we are negatively impacted by the energy fields of those around us. 

Our energy fields come in contact with so much during the day, much of this energy sticks with us (need I remind you of Newton’s First Law: Energy cannot be created or destroyed only transferred).  

That’s where the practice of aura cleansing comes in handy and one of my favorite ways to do this is with a selenite wand, hence this post- Clear Your Aura With Selenite.


Now let's get down to business. Selenite is a crystal that absorbs negative energy. Working with selenite is  like taking a bath in pure white light. It’s the crystal equivalent to white sage. Using selenite, in my opinion, is also one of the easiest ways to clean and clear your aura. 

Selenite is extremely powerful. Not only does it remove negative energy but it promotes a cooling, calm and peaceful energy reminiscent of the qualities of the moon.

Associated with the crown chakra, selenite has the power to open, balance and align all of the chakras (the seven energy centers in the body, part of the subtle body). Selenite is even self cleaning. It takes our negative energy and turns it into pure brilliance. 

So how is it done? How do you use selenite to clean your aura? 

I made a little video for you below.  

Clear your aura with selenite! It's so easy to use and it makes such a big difference. 

If you haven't given selenite a try, you should! It's relatively inexpensive to buy and is low maintenance (yay- self-cleaning!) as far as crystals are concerned. 

Is selenite a part of your self-care routine?