Fundraising in the greater D.C. area is amazing! I, for some odd reason, actually enjoy asking strangers on crowded streets for money? I made $115.00 today, and our team goal is $100.00/person/day. We have had so much success fundraising food also (big thanks to Chipotle Mexican Grill and Coldstone Creamery, yum... ).

It's so nice to be off of the mountain. When you're on the mountain, you don't always, at least, I don't always realize how isolated I am until I emerge and there's a world out there and life in America is happening. I almost feel on the mountain, that I'm not in the United States considering that there are so few Americans and the main language that I hear is Portuguese. It's so nice to be back home.

My team has been great so far, we're working hard and we work well together. Let's raise a toast to successful fundraising and a conflict-free two weeks. SALUT!