Sojourner's Sojourns is a PR friendly site. We're interested in working with quality advertisers who share a similar vision. If you want to advertise on our site, check out what we're looking for below and send an inquiry if you feel we'd be a good fit. ABOUT SOJOURNER’S SOJOURNS: Sojourner’s Sojourns is a travel and wellness lifestyle site. Originally created in 2008 as a way to document my year of training and travel throughout southern Mozambique, Sojourner's Sojourns has evolved and grown with me over the years. With a key emphasis on travel (cultural travel, supporting local communities through travel, family travel and volunteer travel), the site has grown to include notes on creative writing, DIY natural and organic beauty recipes, as well as recipe posts dedicated to healthy and travel inspired food options.

ABOUT SOJOURNER: As an independent traveler, I love central markets, rural villages and towns and being by the ocean. I’m interested in indigenous art, music, healing traditions and authentic and interesting cuisine. I love small town America, art museums and promoting locally owned businesses and establishments. This being said, my travel personality typically keeps me away from big resorts and draws me towards smaller local establishments. My quest is to experience life like a local wherever I am, from Johannesburg, South Africa to Buffalo, New York. Sojourner’s Sojourns is a celebration of the present moment and of the infinite possibilities that blossom out of approaching life as a traveler.

WORKING WITH ME: Sojourner’s Sojourns is interested in forming partnerships with companies that share a similar vision when it comes to travel; mainly travel that is culturally enriching, supportive of host communities, and encouraging of cross-cultural exchange. Sponsorship can take a variety of forms including sponsored posts, banner ads, contests, and brand ambassadorship. Sojourner is available to attend Press Trips and promote campaigns in which, a prominent feature will be placed on the site to promote your destination, service, or product. Additionally, Sojourner is available for interviews and speaking engagements.

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