Ohm's Debut at the Blue Note Tokyo

There are some who work their whole lives to grace prestigious stages like the Blue Note; and there are those, who need little more than a cute face, a bubbly personality, and charm. My little Ohm, falls under the latter category.

We came to the Blue Note to hear the Count Basie Orchestra. Mark's a part of the orchestra, but since he was working the "Come Fly Away" tour and had a sub, he was afforded the rare opportunity to be a Basie spectator.

"They sound good." He marveled as we sat on our stools, passing an active Ohm between us.

Ohm handled himself like a pro, for the first few songs, bopping and swaying to the beat, clapping on cue. He went downhill fast though, as things with one-year-olds go, forcing me to retreat to the green-room.

It was there, in the green room, where Ohm met Keiko Lee, the featured singer for that evening and one of Japan's most noted Jazz singers. What happened next, could only be described as love at first sight. Ohm and Keiko babbled, smiled, and cooed at each other.

After her first set, when she entered the green-room, Ohm stood up and applauded causing her to blush.

"May I take him on stage with me?" She asked before returning for her second set.

"Um...sure?!?" I sputtered, not certain what I was agreeing to.

Into Keiko's arms Ohm crawled, and onto the main stage they strolled. Ohm grinned at the audience, loving his new-found attention. The audience roared.

Keiko sang her songs with Ohm in her arms. He smiled and waved at the crowd. He didn't make a peep. When their set was over, Ohm received quite an ovation.

As the patrons of the Blue Note headed out, a long line formed in front of Ohm and I. Confused at first, I didn't get what was happening, people had lined up to see Ohm.

Ohm greeted his admirers with smiles and waves. He was a true professional. I'm almost certain that I have a little performer in the making on my hands.


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