Finding a Routine in my 8am-7pm Work Day.


I've returned to the mountain and have settled into my new (temporary) room. I have yet to be presented with my permanent room. I guess I have to wait until August when my team arrives to train. Right now I can't complain though, I'm staying at the lodge. We've got some of the nicest accommodations here. The lodge is a large, wood cabin like building situated at the top of the highest peak on the commune. It is home to the promotions offices and the promotions staff. So you're in Williamstown? Where exactly is that? Good question. I'm still not quite sure where I am besides somewhere between Pittsfield, MA and NorthHampton, MA. ???

Yesterday I attempted to walk into town with my friend James and it was a 45 minute walk from our mountain to the nearest anything. And the nearest anything was an old fashioned general store called five points (great old fashioned ice cream).

It was a great walk though. Everything is so green and pretty and picturesque. Barns everywhere. On the way back the sky opened up soaking us completely through and through. It was fantastic though. We just worked with the plump warm drops. I even managed to pick a bouquet of weeds and wild flowers.


Yesterday after breakfast we came face to face with a black bear. It was wandering around outside the cafeteria. I got close enough to snap a few shots. It was moving pretty slowly and seemed pretty small for a bear (not that I am an expert). I guess he smelled the remnants from breakfast because he strolled right into our kitchen. The poor thing became frightened when one of the dogs, inside one of the classrooms started barking and he ran back into the woods. Who knew bears were afraid of dogs? I suppose it depends on the bear.