Drawing Inspiration from Thailand

This Sunday, just like last week, I had the opportunity to vend my darling creations from Sojourn. Herbal Apothecary. This weekend brought the Rattled Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a hip venue for expecting moms and parents of the all natural, holistic, urban proclivities.

As an ETSY seller, it was really great to meet people and witness their impressions and get their feedback. Things I can't do from my virtual storefront. Sometimes, you've just got to get out there.

In the spirit of getting out there, this post is going to focus on an enchanting place, very far from my home base in New York. A place I first visited in 2004, a few short months after the terrible Asian tsunami. Even then, Thailand was radiant.

I've made several (24+ hour) treks to Thailand and after each one, I'm compelled to return. A visceral place, there is so much to taste, smell, touch, hear and see, that despite the distance, I am drawn back to this place of overwhelming beauty.

When I think of Thailand, I am reminded of:

  • Full body Thai massages on the beach. In the distance the Adaman Sea roars as I lie upon a flat bed of colorful silk in deep meditative bliss. My chakras dance as coconut oil is rubbed into my skin, every care, every strain, released into the ether. Being in the moment has never been so fabulous.
  • Smooth cool tiles beneath bare feet. Before entering any house, places of worship and many shops, you must leave your flip flops outside. Not only is it a symbol of respect, to tread quietly, humbly, shoes are also left behind for cleanliness. I loved this gesture, the feeling of being so light, the connection to the ground, almost cat-like.
  • Open air Buddhist temples, ornate statues, shimmering golden monuments, the beauty of the human form, meditative silence high up in the mountains, a jungle of green, a chorus of birds and frogs at times unseen.
  • The deep dark well of wisdom that are an elephants eyes. Each time I go, I make sure to carve out time to spend with elephants. Thailand is a land full of Asian elephants, beautiful humble giants of the forests.
  • Resiliency and kindness, two qualities embodied by many of the people I had the pleasure to come across. My first trip was a volunteer trip at the end of the Asian Tsunami in 2004. I was humbled to be in the presence of people who were so at peace in the wake of such an awful disaster. Despite the devastation, there was a feeling of positivity and renewal. Despite the sadness, there was the air of acceptance and survival. The art of non-attachment is present in Thailand.
  • Staring up at the giant pearly Buddha feeling so small, inspired and vital.
  • Sweet coconut water taken directly from a round coconut warm from the sun. The coconuts in Thailand yielded the sweetest most energizing water. Everywhere, there seemed to be trees, heavy with coconuts. The air in the countryside of Khao Lak was perfumed by coconuts with a hint of jasmine and a splash of rose.
  • The marvelous flavors of Thai food. Everything so intentionally balanced and spiced. The delicious coconut, peanut, lemongrass infused goodness. My mouth salivated from the curries, my heart sang from the fresh fruit, I remain taken by the succulent seafood, fresh from the sea, plump snapper prepared a different way every night.

Thailand, what a pleasure and an honor it was to be in your presence.

The product that was inspired by my adventures in Thailand is the Thailand Body Butter, an ultra-moisturizing creamy shea based body butter with hints of jasmine, coconut and rose.



If you can’t experience Thailand in person for yourself, take the journey with a Thailand Body Butter.

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