All Natural Eczema Cream You Can Make At Home 


All Natural Eczema Cream You Can Make At Home  

Note: This post contains an affiliate link for Juice Plus+, a life changing whole food supplement product I fully endorse and use!

We've had so many battles with eczema in my household!

Ours has been a long and complicated history.

My husband has always had patches behind his knees that flare up in the winter months when the air is dry and cold. We never thought much of it. I, not at all, until our first son was born, that is.

Within two months, my beautiful newborn was covered in red rashes from head to toe. He was miserable and itchy. I tried everything. We took him to a pediatric dermatologist, I went on an elimination diet (since I was breastfeeding and wanted to make sure it wasn't an allergy to something I was eating), I tried bathing him in cooling coconut milk, I washed his clothes with special detergents, bought organic sheets, clothes and blankets, I tried a variety of lotions and creams, even venturing to steroid treatments. There was little change.

It was frustrating.

Then I tried this formulation for an all natural eczema cream. Both my husband and my son felt relief.

When my second son was born and came down with eczema, I knew exactly what to do. His eczema was concentrated on his knees and was worse than his brothers. I had to put socks on his little hands to keep him from itching. The second time around, we didn't need a pediatric dermatologist though, and I didn't touch the steroid creams. I turned to this five ingredient easy to make all natural eczema cream.

All Natural Eczema Cream You Can Make At Home


What you'll need:

8 ounces of melted Shea butter

8 ounces of organic castor oil

10 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drops frankincense essential oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

*Due to the sensitive nature of eczema, it's best to use 100% organic ingredients when possible.

What to do:

Using a double boiler, melt your shea butter until it is a liquid. If you don't have a double boiler, simply place a pyrex glass jar or a sturdy mason jar in a pot filled 1/4 of the way with boiling water.

Place your shea butter in the glass and set the glass in the pot of boiling water for a few moments until it melts.

I used a 16 ounce mason jar, so it was really easy for me to measure my portions.

Add the castor oil, vitamin E and essential oils.

Screw on the lid and shake the contents together.

Place your jar in the refrigerator for about two hours until it sets.

Once set, you can store at room temperature.


The all natural eczema cream is creamy, moisturizing, cooling, anti-inflammatory and can be used on babies as safely as it can be used on adults.


Let's talk about the ingredients for a moment!

Castor oil as a treatment for eczema:

  • reduces inflammation
  • detoxifies liver and stimulates lymphatic system
  • encourages circulation
  • natural pain relief

Shea butter as a treatment for eczema:

  • repairs dry, damaged, rough skin
  • moisturizing
  • soothes rashes and burns
  • helps to restore elasticity to skin
  • reduces inflammation

Tea Tree essential oil as a treatment for eczema:

  • reduces inflammation
  • soothes and cools itching
  • antibacterial and antifungal properties (great for broken skin at site of rash)

Frankincense essential oil as a treatment for eczema:

  • reduces inflammation

You'll love this cream!

It's cooling, and moisturizing and melts right into the skin.

It's important to note that this cream helps to treat the unpleasant symptoms of eczema, but is not a cure.

Eczema is an autoimmune disease that manifests in most cases as a burning rash.

The best way to combat eczema is to increase your intake of nutrients that promote optimal immune function. Juice Plus+ is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the immune system naturally which can ultimately rid the body of eczema symptoms.

As with anything, consistency is key! I, my husband and my two children take Juice Plus daily. I rub the kids down with the cream from this recipe twice a day (morning and evening). Everyone is completely symptom free and happy.

*Note: Wash hands after working with essential oils. You don't want to put this cream on a babies hands because tea tree oil (even though it is diluted in this formula) should not be ingested. If you are making this for a baby who has patches on their hands, it's best to leave out the essential oils.