On the Merits of Boston Cream Pie

There is something so sinfully indulgent about a decadent and rich dessert. One such dessert can change ones outlook from bleak to optimistic, can slowly whittle away at the sorrows of the world, if taken (quite appropriately in my opinion) before dinner, can make the blandest dish surprisingly tolerable. I love a good dessert.

While in Boston recently, I made it my business to indulge in the official dessert of Massachusetts (fact check me, this is true!)- the legendary Boston Cream Pie.

Not actually a pie at all, but a cake, this magnificent concoction was presented to the world in 1856 by pastry chef M. Sanzian who worked at the Omni Parker House. Ornate and decadent in it's own rite, it is only fitting that such a landmark be the birth place of the Boston Cream Pie.

As the home of the original Boston Cream Pie, the Omni Parker House boasts the best pies in Massachusetts. Served by the slice, whole or as mini individual cakes, you have options when it comes to savoring your official dessert. Opting for a mini individual cake, my senses were delighted upon first sight and first whiff.

My knife sliced effortlessly through the center revealing two layers of moist yellow cake, a thick center of creamy rich custard and a thin spread of dark chocolate glaze. The texture, the flavors, blended perfectly in my mouth. The sweet vanilla of the custard, the intense dark chocolate glaze and the buttery cake braided together and danced on my tongue.

There is something so satisfying about a great dessert. The original Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House is well worth a visit to Boston.

The Omni Parker House

60 School Street

Boston, Massachusetts