Charging Water With Crystal Energy

charging water with crystal energy I've been thinking a lot about mindfulness. About how I can approach each day with a set intention and tune in, really be aware during each moment. Thus began my experiments with energizing water with crystals.

Now before your eyes haze over and you write me off as a new age quack, consider for a moment, the undeniable science behind the notion of energy transference; after all, everything is energy. Energy can be transferred from one form to another and can not be created or destroyed.

Crystals have long been held in high esteem as gatekeepers of energy. Each unique type harnesses specific energies and attributes. Placing a crystal, bursting with energy in water creates an environment of transference. The energy from the crystal is absorbed into the water and then once consumed, that property or intention is transferred to a person on a cellular level- hence a somewhat tangible way to practice mindfulness and active intention.

How does it work?

By placing a crystal in purified water for a set period of time, the energetic vibrations of the crystal are transferred into the water. Upon consumption, the energetically charged water is absorbed into the body and a transformation occurs however slight.

Are there health benefits?

Crystals emit negative ions. Negative ions have been proven to promote health and well being because they create an alkaline quality which boosts pH balance and antioxidant levels. Water infused with negative ions released from crystals is detoxifying because free radicals are neutralized leading to cellular health and a reduction in toxicity.


What do I do?

Charging water with crystal energy is a fairly simple process. First, wash your crystal(s) in a solution of sea salt and warm water.

Place your crystal(s) in a glass jar (mason jars are perfect) and add purified water. You want to avoid tap water as the chemicals used to process the water can interact with the crystals. Let the container sit overnight or approximately eight hours.

For an additional twist, you may want to set your jar outside to soak in rays from the sun during the day, or beneath the full moon at night to absorb the moon rays.

The moon is said to provide abundance, peace, calm and love, while the sun is said to energize, provide confidence, and enliven.


How do I know what crystals to use?

It is best to use rough crystals and not smooth polished ones as chemicals may be used in the smoothing process. Below are some crystal suggestions. You want to make sure that you choose a non-toxic crystal that doesn't contain metal. Do a bit of research before you purchase your crystals.

Ametrine- Removes blockages, disperses negativity, promotes healing

Amethyst- Stress relief, inner peace, balance

Rose Quartz- Unconditional love, spirituality, tolerance, joy, heart healing


What does this have to do with mindfulness?

Let's say you're developing a practice of setting a daily or weekly intention. If you would like to focus one week on peace for example, you can make a large batch of crystal water infused with amethyst. When you drink your water, you will be reminded of your peaceful intention. In addition, the energy of peace will be absorbed into your body to assist with your work.

So, how can this practice influence my physical health in a tangible way?

Let's say you have high blood pressure or hypertension (we can use the same example of amethyst infused water) the water which is vibrating with the energy of peace, stress relief and balance will be absorbed into your being. On a cellular level, you'll reinforce these states. Mentally and physically you will begin to alter.

Interested in giving it a go? Here are some resources that should help: