Visiting the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge

At last I spotted my moose. Of course I had to visit the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge to see one. Here the moose have acres to roam. It's a step up from a zoo.

I felt guilty looking at the reindeer. I had just eaten one for breakfast. I am now working on my karma.

Brawl at the watering hole

Come on, break it up you two!

After all of the "Warning Bears" signs that I came across, I did not see one bear until I visited the Coastal Wildlife Refuge.

This guy stood on cue

Okay, have you seen anything cuter than this? These little guys were orphaned and are being rehabilitated.

This guy spotted me from about forty feet away and began to charge. I think he thought I was competition. First he stared me down, then he let out a loud guttural groan, and then he charged at me.

And the wildest creature of them all, my little Ohm. He had a great time looking at all of the animals.