Second Round of Fundraising- Rochester/Buffalo (The Western NY Chapter)

Fundraising part II. So far so good. Individually I've had a lot of success and am way over goal. As a team, we are under goal though :-(. I'm very lucky to be able to stay at my own house this time around instead of the accommodations provided for the team because the accommodations are sketchy at best. Once again, the team went onto, but instead of a nice family home with two spare bedrooms D.C. style, they ended up with an abandoned house in an undesireble neighborhood in the City of Rochester. The building looks like a former crack den- Yikes!

We've been in front of Wal-Mart for the last two days and the people have been so receptive. Problem: It's October and in being autumn, the weather should be a nice mild 60-70 degrees, so why, please someone tell me is it almost 90???? It's so hot! It's too hot! I've had enough heat, enough of being outside in the scorching sun. I've got about five different erratic tan lines. I'm going to turn into a wrinkled old lady called Magda soon. Enough is enough! I'm ready to wear a sweater and romp through the leaves. My tantrum ends here!