Sojourner Features: Traveler Mark Williams

Each week, during the month of July, I'm interviewing and featuring  world travelers whose adventurous spirits inspire us to keep exploring and experiencing the world. This week, I'd like to introduce my first Sojourner Feature- jazz trombonist Mark Williams


1.  Tell us about yourself!

Mark Williams. I'm American, born in Brooklyn, New York. You can find my website at

2.  Where do you currently live and what is your occupation?

I live in Brooklyn, New York and I'm a musician. I play the bass trombone with the Count Basie Orchestra.

 3.  What is the first country you traveled to internationally? What were your impressions?

Poland-I was startled by the fact that I did not see anybody else that looked like me in Poland. That's a lot for a kid from Brooklyn to digest on his first trip outside of the US.

4.  When did you first realize you were bitten by the travel bug?

I first realized I had the travel bug in high school when my band director bragged about all of the wonderful places that music allowed him to see and experience.

5.  Do you have a travel mantra?

I guess that it's best not to plan, just experience.

6.  If you could spontaneously pack up tomorrow and head anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?

Paris-I would eat everything I see.