Chia Porridge: Vitality and Focus, is What's for Breakfast!

Chia seeds make me happy. I pop them into my mouth directly out of the bag by the teaspoon, I bake with them, I soak them in juice and drink them, I sprinkle them over pasta and salad. I should have a chia garden, the way I go through the seeds.

Chia seeds are a powerfully rich superfood, I can't get enough. Chia is amazing because it contains many nutrients and minerals in small user friendly portions (you only need three tablespoons a day).

From chia seeds alone, you get omega-3's, calcium, antioxidants, fiber, protein and minerals like phosphorus, zinc and manganese.

Chia provides sustained energy throughout the day, promotes mental clarity, has anti-inflammatory properties, is heart healthy, is a calorie blocker, the list goes on...

All of this comes at about three tablespoons a day (recommended daily dose).

One of the easiest ways to get a full days worth of chia is to have chia for breakfast as a porridge. Chia porridge is easy to make and starts you off for the day on right foot. The recipe I make is slightly sweet and flavored with vanilla. My toddler and my husband both love to begin their day this way (when I'm not making biscuits that is ,) ).

Here's what you'll need:

1 mason jar

chia seeds

unsweetened almond milk

raw honey

vanilla extract


*This is a recipe of ratio. The measurements will be different for the honey, vanilla and cinnamon. Work according to your taste. You'll want one part chia to three parts almond milk.

Here's what to do:


First, you want to fill your mason jar with one part chia (about 1/4 of the way full). Then, take your almond milk and pour almost to the top of the jar. Take a spoon and stir your liquid so the seeds mix and don't mush together at the bottom.


You'll want to place this jar in the refrigerator overnight so the seeds have the chance to gel.


In the morning, open your jar and stir with a spoon. Your chia seeds should be thick and gelatinous.

Pour your mixture into a saucepan and warm. Once off of the fire, add your honey, vanilla and cinnamon to taste, serve and enjoy.


I challenge you to make this everyday for a week. You'll feel amazing and might never have to see a cardiologist.

*Note: The consistency of this porridge is slightly gelatinous and may be off-putting to some. I don't tend to like gelatinous textures, for example, I can't stand okra or bubble tea, but I have no problem with the chia porridge which reminds me more of cream of wheat.