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2 Ingenious Ways to Maintain Optimal Health While Traveling!


Note: I received a shipment of ambronite in exchange for a review. I must tell you that I loved it. All opinions stated in this post are absolutely mine. My integrity as a holistic nutritionist is of utmost importance to me. I will never endorse a product on this blog that I have not used myself for a period of time and researched thoroughly. IMG_0479.JPG

2 Ingenious Ways to Maintain Optimal Health While Traveling!

I think most people would agree with the old adage that health is wealth.

Good health affords us the ability to live our best lives, to follow our passions and dreams. When longevity and quality of life are maintained an internal spring of immeasurable wealth is attained.

If you're a traveler, I don't need to tell you how important being healthy and feeling good on the road is.

With limited time to see, experience and do everything, you don't want to spend a single moment sick or feeling depleted.

Travel can be exhausting, anxiety inducing, difficult on our digestion. With the addition of introducing new foods and or climates to the body or grabbing greasy fried snacks on the go, many people don't feel their best on the road.

I could say, eat a balanced diet and wash your hands while you travel, but for those of us who have traveled along roads less traveled, especially in the developing world, you know that immune boosting balanced meals may not be available neither may running water.

Even if you are traveling along well trodden and highly developed roads, you may not be in a position to grab healthy nutritive food and maintain the good habits you have at home. We all know how easy it is to go to the drive through while on a road trip or to eat a bunch of starchy junk food while traveling. Or maybe the objective of your trip is to taste all the best barbeque south of South Carolina.

With the two products that I'm going to share with you. You can take back your nutrition and ensure that you've got at the very least, 30+ full servings of whole fruits and vegetables and enough protein to boost your energy and avoid feeling drained- even if you're jet-lagged.

2 Ingenious Ways to Maintain Optimal Health While Traveling!

1) Juice Plus+


If you ask me, Juice Plus+ is an ingenious staple that everyone should have on their kitchen counters or in their traveling bags.




IMG_0467.JPGHow is this possible? Well, to make Juice Plus+, chemical free, non-gmo fruits and vegetables are fully ripened (just like the garden), crushed (in their whole form, seeds, peels, etc.), dehydrated and cold dried (so nutrition stays alive). The concentrated powders are then put into a capsule or vegan chewable- ta da!

The result is a full serving of a variety of fruits, berries and vegetables for assured balanced nutrition.

This is not a replacement for the real thing but instead a simple and clinically proven way to bridge the gap between what we DO eat and what we SHOULD be eating.

For travelers, this means improved immune systems, sustained energy, optimal circulation (reduced chance of blood clots for those who have traveled long hours by plane, train or car), and many, many other benefits.

I wish I knew about Juice Plus+ when I was working and volunteering in Ghana, Thailand and Mozambique where I didn't have access to complete balanced nutrition and got sick a lot!

2) Ambronite


Ambronite, despite it's funny name is simply fantastic!

It's an organic, all-natural, non-gmo, and gluten free drinkable supermeal.


With one serving of ambronite, you literally get an entire days worth of nutrition- it's ingenious!

There is absolutely nothing artificial in ambronite. Unlike most traditional protein powders made from chemicals in a lab, ambronite literally has the following ingredients (all of which are organic): oats, almonds, brown rice, coconut, apple, lucuma, flax, stinging nettle leaf, nutritional yeast, bilberry, black currant, mineral salt, chlorella, spirulina, brazil nut, spinach and sea-buckthorn berry.


It comes in easy to pack, difficult to puncture pouches that need to be mixed with pure water, shaken and voila!




IMG_0473.JPGAmbronite has a nutty taste, it's like drinking an almond milk smoothie with oats. It's very pleasant, quite thick and extremely satisfying.


This is great for car trips or long flights when you know you'll have few good quality food options and want to feel full.

Ambronite is also great for adventure travel, if you know you're going to have a full day of kayaking or hiking or even museum visiting for that matter. It just makes so much sense.


Traveling with both Juice Plus+ and Ambronite is a way to ensure optimal health, nutrition and vitality while enjoying a new space and adventure.

These two products are quick and easy ways to ensure balanced nutrition and don't need to be limited exclusively to your travels.

Very rarely do I endorse nutritional supplements and products on this blog, but I love and use both of these products and it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself.

Summer is winding down, but it's not over yet. Be a go-getter and do something this week, you've been wanting to do!

Be adventurous.

Be curious.

And most importantly, BE WELL!



The Benefits of Hemp: A Review of Hemp Hearts

20140814-135147.jpg Recently I received a box of Hemp Hearts to try and review.

Despite my affinity towards healthy foods, hemp was uncharted territory.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to give hemp a try!

Hemp Hearts, which are ground hemp seeds are lovely. Almost soft, slightly nutty in the manner of a pistachio, slightly fishy (subtle, but like an omega-3 vitamin aftertaste), I found the Hemp Hearts to be a welcome addition to my meal.

I sampled the hearts on vanilla Greek yogurt, but your options are limitless: in smoothies, on cereal, in granola, in your baking, to name a few.


Hemp Hearts are a great protein source for people like me who eat very little meat. In one serving, there are ten grams of protein ( not too shabby). Hemp is also heart healthy as it's full of omega-3's.


I'm so grateful to have been selected to review Hemp Hearts. I now have a new product to add to my health boosting arsenal.

I see a trusty trio forming- hemp, chia and flax in everything!