Mint and Ginger Arnold Palmer Iced Tea

IMG_0980.JPG Okay, it’s really hot. I mean summer hot. Almost hotter than it was during the actual summer.

I don’t get it. I spent the second half of August, eager to break out my Autumn wear and sip on a pumpkin spice latte, and I have, but now I find myself regressing a bit, because of the post Labor Day temperature increase.

It was 84 degrees today, that’s legitimate summer weather. So I made a legitimate summer drink. I whipped up a pitcher of refreshing mint and ginger Arnold Palmer Iced Tea.

It was so refreshing.

Here's what I did:

Into my teapot, I tossed four mint tea bags and 1 tablespoon of shaved ginger root. I filled that pot with water and let it boil.

Meanwhile, into my pitcher which holds about a liter, I squeezed the juice of five lemons. To make my simple syrup, I added a very full tablespoon of organic raw honey. The citrus helps to dissolve the honey. I just had to swirl my spoon around with vigor.

Once the contents of my teapot had cooled (I waited two hours), I removed my teabags and added my tea to my lemony simple syrup.

Before cooling in the refrigerator. I sliced a sixth lemon into thin rounds and set them free to bob and adorn my drink.

After another two hours in the refrigerator, my drink was ready.