The well has run dry

I am falling apart.I don't know how it began. One morning I woke up with a wooden splinter lodged beneath my right eye. Another day I developed a cold that has now turned into a raging hacking cough. We have no more gas and our organization has refused to pay for more. This means we have no drinking water and we can not prepare food at home at all. The water in our well out back is so low, all we have are pools of thick muddy water. We are all afraid to bathe. I look at the water and the words cholera and typhoid come to mind. Times are getting interesting.

Happy Friday the 13th. To celebrate, we gathered at Akisha's to watch the Spanish film "Orphanage". Kids are creepy. But what isn't creepy is Akisha's indoor shower with hot water- aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, that shower was nice.

I said goodbye to my students today :-( I will miss them. They were great. It wasn't an easy decision, but I have decided to end my contract with Humana a month early and will be returning to New York on Tuesday en route to D.C. en route to New York again. I have many reasons for this decision. None of which I have time to get into now. I will post a copy of my resignation letter later.

I have to go. This computer is needed for a round of karaoke.