The Brooklyn Children's Museum A Pint Sized City Escape

20140517-224631.jpg 20140517-224646.jpg20140517-224615.jpg20140517-224604.jpg20140517-224231.jpg20140517-224215.jpg20140517-224157.jpg20140517-224146.jpgInside a flamboyant yellow building, shaped somewhat like a space dome, lies a surprisingly tranquil and interactive pint sized world.

Last weekend, Ohm had a play date with his little buddy Matteo at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. It was our first visit.

Pint sized playrooms with colorful trim and shelves full of old fashioned toys, percussion instruments, dress-up clothes and trains are open for the playing, so go to town!

Ohm was a fan of the elaborate water table room, with boats and pals, watering cans and sea creature toys.

Matteo couldn't be drawn away from the sand table room, with shovels and rakes, pans and trucks.

An outdoor greenhouse makes the perfect escape. Little ones frolic amongst herbs and flowers, bud covered shrubs and butterflies.

Small amphibians and reptiles crawl about behind glass aquariums, while model habitats show what Brooklyn once looked like a long, long, long, time ago.

There's a percussion room, with drums from around the world, inviting little hands to play, play, play.

The model grocery store won't disappoint, as long as you're willing to scan and bag your own groceries,  neither will the life sized MTA bus with a steering wheel everyone can take turns manipulating.

The cafeteria has healthy kid friendly treats and seats. The food is ridiculously pricey (three dollars for a drink box and it only goes up from there), but you can always bring your own lunch and use the cafeteria all the same.

There's a toddler room and an infant room so the little ones can enjoy developmentally appropriate activities and don't have to worry about being trampled by the older ones.

Convenience abounds around every turn. Nursing? no worries, there's a space for you to take a break. Need a changing room? There are plenty of options.

The most difficult part of your trip, will be keeping up with your little one and convincing them, after a few hours that it's time to go.

The only thing they're missing is a parental re-charge/caffenation station/nap station (I intend to write a very earnest letter).

We arrived somewhat skeptical, in need of caffeine, and interactive stimulation, we left, with an exhausted smiling toddler and a family membership for the next two years.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum is located in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn at: 145 Brooklyn Ave

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