Fundraising Trip Two is Closed

We arrived back on the mountain this morning at 4:30am. The drive was a blur, I just remember being stopped halfway up the mountain because an enormous tree fell across our path. Poor Sergio had to get out and toss it to the side so that we could continue our way up our two-mile driveway to get home. I spent the night alone for the first time since I moved to haunted Brook House. Tamika my roomie was still in Virginia. I didn’t really sleep until six when the sun came out. I was also greeted with a ladybug infestation. About 100 (literally) dead ladybugs were scattered across our room and maybe twenty were flying/crawling around. Yep. We all know how I feel about bugs, ladybugs are no exception.

All in all, my team did really well in Rochester/Buffalo. We exceeded goal ;0-) We finished last night with a concert at Starry Night Café in Rochester. My friend Liza performed a little benefit concert for us. Much obliged Eliza. I can’t get over how absolutely beautiful Western Mass is in autumn.

Today we had a special program presented by the May team. They are almost finished with their six month training period and will be leaving in another week ;0( So before each team goes, they need to plan an unforgettable evening and today was their day. We had a concert this afternoon by a punk/folk/ bluegrass band called Bread and Roses. It was really cool. I now want to learn to play the Mandolin and the Ukulele (I’ll put that on my post-Angola checklist).

Afterwards, we had a candy hunt in our woods. Mind you we are on acres and acres of woods and the candy was spread so far out. I only found four pieces. I fell twice (flip flops are no good on moist leaves and branches). Then there was hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. At eight o’clock we had our haunted trail walk. We have this really creepy trail that’s like forty minutes long and I only walk it when it’s really really bright outside but today in the rainy dark chilly weather we went in.