10 Excellent Travel Tour Companies to Book Your Next Trip With

SONY DSC There is no right or wrong way to travel. The important thing is getting out there. If you find the prospect of planning a trip a bit daunting, or if the thought of being left to your own devices in a foreign country does not sound like an adventure, or if you have specific niche interests when you travel, seeking the services of a tour company may be the right move for you.

Tour companies come in all varieties, from luxury to budget, from adventure travel tours to food and wine tours. There are family friendly tour groups as well as tour groups for gay men and solo female travelers. Whatever your desire, whatever your pleasure, chances are there is a tour company that suits your needs.

Here are  10 excellent travel tour companies to book your next trip with:

1) Wander Tours

Focusing mainly on SouthEast Asia, Wander Tours offers unique cultural travel itineraries. There are specific female only tours, while others are co-ed. Wander Tours also sponsors culinary tours in the United States in Washington and Santa Fe.

2) Micato Tours

Have you always wanted to visit Africa, but the thought of roughing it in the Serengeti makes you nervous? One of the top luxury travel companies, Micato specializes in extravagant African Safari vacations.

3) Abercrombie and Kent

If luxury international travel is more your speed, Abercrombie and Kent has the right package for you. Abercrombie and Kent offers luxury tours to every corner of the globe. From New Zealand, to Antarctica, to Egypt, to Botswana, Abercrombie and Kent will ensure a first-class travel experience in comfort and classic style.

4) Henderson Travel

Henderson Travel Service specializes in quality, down to earth tours, the majority of which are to destinations in Africa and Asia. Singles, large groups, and families are welcome. Custom tours are available.

5) Cinnamon Traveler Tour Adventures

Cinnamon Traveler Tour Adventures focuses on key locations enriched by the African diaspora such as Brasil and Cuba. Other national destinations include Martha's Vineyard, Atlanta and New York (woot woot!). Whether you're interested in learning the Samba in Brasil or relaxing by the beach in Martha's Vineyard, Cinnamon is a unique company with an artsy edge.

6) Creative Culinary Tours

If you dream of experiencing the world through your sense of taste then Creative Culinary Tours is the company for you. Emphasizing the great culinary traditions of New England, these tours offer decadent meals and samplings and are open to families and travelers of all ages.

7) Classic Journeys

Classic Journeys captures the romance of travel. From tours through the colorful bazaars of Morocco, to wine tasting in picturesque Tuscany, Classic Journeys create itineraries sure to satisfy your wanderlust. Over 70 tours are offered throughout South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

8) Gadventures

If adventure travel is more your speed, Gadventures may have the perfect tour for you. Whether you're ideal vacation includes climbing the Canadian Rockies, surfing in Portugal or Hawaii, or trekking Australia's Outback, Gadventures boasts adventure iteneraries to every corner of the globe that will be sure to please.

9) Journeys for Families

Journeys for Families offers engaging tours for families with children of all ages. If you're interested in exposing your child to the world in a safe and fun environment, or are planning a multi-generational family trip, this tour company is a great resource.

10) I-to-I

I-to-I is a great company for college students and those on gap-year. Though you are welcome at any age, I-to-I's niche is the student travel industry. With offerings all over the globe, you can choose to combine volunteer work with sightseeing adventures. From working with baby lions in South Africa to elephant trekking in Thailand, I-to-I has a wonderful selection of tours, adventures, and volunteer projects that can be used independently or put together to create a custom travel experience.


Do you have a favorite tour company? *This is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.