Visiting Osaka, Japan

After being in Tokyo for three weeks, I must admit, Osaka was a breath of fresh air. Osaka just seemed to fit. The city felt down to earth, it was tangible, it possessed the refreshing quality of feeling, for lack of a better word- real. People moved slower, the large neon chain stores of Tokyo made way for smaller, more traditional quaint ones, the prices were much more reasonable, the food options vast and delicious, and for the first time, in a long time, I saw children and babies and couples; balance it seemed, had been restored.

  Ohm was charmed by all of the bright colors.

I thought this was so beautiful. It's a menu. There were so many signs and posts written on wood in black ink. Some had illustrations, others were plain. Simply lovely.

Lanterns lit the night. Okay, lanterns and street lamps and signs. But the lanterns are a wonderful touch.

                                                  Saki barrels

                   Ohm, all dressed up and ready for the Imperial court

                                My kimono looks lovely- no?

                          And yes, poor Mark was coerced into participating in this lovely family photo shoot. Say SAKI!

                         This restaurant building made me smile.

Octopus balls, also known as Takoyaki  - the delicacy of Osaka

                                  Learning to walk in the park

           This was a large indoor marketplace. It had so many twists and turns.

                                 The HEP Five Ferris Wheel!


                                Osaka was very rainy.

                I spent a lot of time seeking shelter under bridges and overpasses.

                   Mark and Ohm meandering in the rain.

         A traditional food stall, where a group of elderly locals sat eating food and playing games.

So many restaurants to choose from. This restaurant was tasty, but the menu was not in English. We sat, pointed and hoped for the best. It was a win!

*Side note: Osaka has AMAZING street food! Point and chew. Get on in there!


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