3 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Moths

You’ve found the perfect sweater. Its color and fit are flawless. Each time you wear it, it’s like being wrapped in a warm, grounding hug.  

You take care when you wash your sweater, making certain not to shrink or warp the fabric.  

Then one autumn, after a long, hot summer, you slip into your sweater to be met by a series of holes compliments of a nesting moth.

And just like that, your sweater is ruined.  



3 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Moths

Clothes moths are so tiny that you may not ever see them. They can be such pests. They nest in your nicest clothes, usually the wools, silks and cashmere pieces because they contain keratin that provides nutrients to the larvae (yum). So when the larvae hatch from their soft little cashmere nest, the first thing they do is set off to munch away. And they have a voracious appetite. 

Moth balls are an obvious solution, they offer protection but there is a high cost for this protection. Moth balls smell terrible. Think back to grandmas attic. The smell is horrible and off-putting because moth balls emit toxic vapors to get rid of the moths. Vapors that can be extremely harmful to humans and pets (have you ever read the back of one of those packages- it's scary!). 

Luckily there are essential oils that can help us get rid of moths in a fragrant and natural manner. 

When it comes to repellent moths, there are many essential oils that will achieve this end goal, but my favorites to use are lavender and lemon. 

Lavender and lemon essential oils compliment each other beautifully and they get the job done when it comes to effectively repelling months. Moths are highly sensitive and can’t tolerate the aroma of  lavender or lemon.


 ***Important note, lavender and lemon essential oil won’t kill moths and moth larvae, it will only repel them. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t have any preexisting "friends" hiding in your clothes. If you find them cedar essential oil will kill the larvae and moths. 

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Moths:

1) Make a spray! Mix lavender and lemon essential oil in a spray bottle (50% water and 50% lavender and lemon essential oils in equal portions).  Lightly mist your clothes. This doesn’t work well in humid closets! Only use in dry aerated closet or drawer environments. 

2) Drop lavender and lemon essential oil in the corners of your closet once a week. 10 drops of both lavender and lemon in each corner should do the trick. Replenish weekly. 

3) Douse an old scarf, tie or sock with lavender and lemon essential oil. Apply about 20 drops of each. Tie the scarf, sock or tie to the closet rod. Replenish each week. 

 You always have the option of using lavender and lemon rind sachets as well. You can replenish them by dropping lavender and lemon essential oil on them to boost the aroma. 

* Note, all of the above methods can work in a drawer too. Make sure that drawers are fully dry before you close them.  

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