Keeping the Dream Alive at the New York Times Travel Show!

20140307-221420.jpg The dancers and violinist swirled around us in a frenzy of bright colors and bows. The Hungarian folk music was infectious. Instantly caught up in their spell, I was clapping and grinning to the buoyant tune.

Around the next corner, we ran into a performance by a troupe of Malaysian dancers. Delicately they gestured and dipped in time, a troupe of colorful goddess-like creatures. It was beautiful to watch.

Down the aisle, we had the pleasure of tasting a peanut brittle like candy from the Dominican Republic. It was addicting and we were soon circling the stand for seconds, thirds, fourths...

Around another corner, a group of Cuban musicians drummed and sang traditional songs near a stand with samples of Vermont's finest cheddar cheese.

Where was I? At times it was hard for me to remember.

There was a wonderful swirl of accents, sounds and flavors in the air!

Salsa dancers take a bow after their performance.

Live food demonstrations from chefs around the world. This was an Israeli food demo. Smelled so lemony and tangy.

Hungarian folk dancers and musicians

Malaysian traditional dancers

More salsa

Caribbean dance

Hmmm... Now where might I don this fancy situation?

Ohm was very excited about this mural in the South Africa aisle.

Held this year at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, the New York Times Travel Show was a spectacular event, featuring the food, song, dance, rhythms and beauty of hundreds of sought after destinations across the globe.

An annual event, the Travel Show brings together artist, crafts-people, travel insiders, airlines, resorts, boutique hotels, spas and tourist bureaus from across the world to feature the best their regions have to offer.

There are prizes and giveaways, but best of all, you have a first hand pass to destination information around the world.

If you love travel, this is the gathering place for you!

Interested in a Gorilla expedition to Rwanda? At the travel show, you have the opportunity to speak with local experts and get ideas for planning your dream trip as well as specific hotel and flight information.

"But I've got a two year old and a baby on the way, they would have to join us, are they allowed on the expedition?"

"No, we don't allow children on the expeditions, but I can tell you about the lodges where babysitters are available."


Always wanted to go lobster hunting in Maine? The travel show is the place to speak with Maine experts and learn about the best time to affordably take that trip. Learn where to stay if your also interested in shopping, or bird watching, or sailing, or...

The New York Times Travel Show is the place go to turn your dreams about beautiful places both far away and near into a reality.

The amount of information that I walked away with was wonderful.

The amount of free goodies that I walked away with was exciting.

The number of free trips that I entered to win made me hopeful.

I'm so happy I finally made it!

After five hours, Ohm began to loose it a bit.

My advice for my traveling tot....