The National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum It was like being in a flashback of my childhood.

My feet clicked across the glossy white floor, bright light streamed in from the window spaces above, and everywhere around me, suspended overhead, bolted to the ground, were massive relics of aviation and space exploration.

I remember being dragged here as a child by my grandfather, a former Tuskegee Airman. He would stand and marvel at the B-52 bombers and telescopes, the space shuttles and astronomy dioramas. Not at all interested in science, airplanes or space exploration, I was always bored and unimpressed.

"Come on grandpa, is it time for ice-cream yet?"...

Flash forward twenty years and I've found myself the proud yet baffled mother of an airplane obsessed two year old. His love of all things aviation certainly didn't come from me or my musician husband, it must be an inherited love from his great-grandfather. My role as a mom is not to question, but to support, so off I found myself, yet once again heading to the National Air and Space Museum. At least I told myself, this time I was the adult, and could control when we would leave and how long we would spend lost in space.

Located on historic Independence Avenue, the National Air and Space Museum boasts the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world.  A part of the Smithsonian museum collections, the museum is FREE! A great perk of many things in the nation's capital.

I found myself drawn towards the exhibits that focused on astronomy. I am thoroughly enchanted by the night sky and would love to learn more.

It was really great to see Ohm's face light up. He thoroughly enjoyed his trip to the Air and Space Museum. Too young to truly understand what was going on around him, we spent a good hour just looking at the airplanes, spacecrafts and exhibits.

There is a children's room which is probably best suited for children 5-10. Ohm did get to sit inside an airplane though, which thrilled him to no end.

I've got to admit, even though I still as an adult don't get particularly excited about science or space exploration, the Air and Space Museum is fascinating.

The National Air and Space Museum

600 Independence Ave SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20560