Packing Tips: Keep it Simple and Light this Winter!

Don't let the cold weather keep you indoors! Winter is a great time to travel. Not only are there usually great travel deals to take advantage of but winter travel, depending upon your destination, can mean fewer crowds and shorter waits.

When it comes to packing, especially clothing items, winter can present the opportunity to practice simplicity. Just because the weather is cold, doesn't mean you have to pack more. Winter travel is all about the use of layers and finding staple pieces that can be worn multiple ways.

Over packing opens the door to clutter. When your suitcase is cluttered:

a) It's heavy and unpleasant to tote around

b) It's disorganized and causes you stress and frustration whenever you have to open it to find clothes

c) You have no room for all the beautiful new seuveniers you'd like to bring home with you


When it comes to travel, keep it simple and keep it light! Here are some of my favorite accessories, toiletries and clothing ideas:

Winter Travel Clothing Essentials:









Simplicity is key here. A pair of leggings are essential because you can get multiple uses out of them. Leggings can be worn as pants, stockings, to that surprise yoga class or as long underwear. One pair of weather appropriate yet fashionable boots will be versatile enough for day and night, casual and dressy. A simple scarf can be worn around the neck, over the head (if the weather gets blustery) or can be used on the plane as a blanket. You don't need a giant shoulder bag when you travel, keep it simple and light with a sleek and all-purposed cross body satchel. An attractive statement tunic sweater can serve multiple uses as a dress and as a sweater for heavy layering. Keep jewelry simple, a pair of easy to coordinate earrings you can rock every day both day and night will ensure that jewelry doesn't get lost or tangled up in your travel pouch.

Travel Gadgets and Accessories: l-2








The fewer gadgets the better. The smaller the better. A dual purposed passport holder/wallet will take you far as will a sleek compression sleeve to protect your computer. Portable travel chargers are tiny, can slip inside your computer compression sleeve and are life savers. A small, single unit speaker dock for your smartphone can  make a good trip great.


Travel Carry On Toiletries: l-3








When it comes to hotel toiletries, you never know what you're going to get. To keep things familiar, yet light, I look for travel sized packs of brands I know and love. Since everything is travel sized, you can zip through check-in with a simple overhead bag and the smug knowledge that you've packed everything you need.

In terms of make-up, I keep it simple! Mascara, plus lip tint (that can double as cheek tint), plus a SPF concealer equals, easy, breezy and beautiful.

So go! Take that weekend trip, mini-break or full blown vacation. For your cold weather trip pack smart, not excessively.