Site-Finding Blues

Site finding in Philly is hard!We're working for a non-profit organization that is affiliated with IICD called Planet Aid. Planet Aid's aim is to improve the environment by recycling clothing and supporting economic and social progress in developing countries. Basically, Planet Aid has a bunch of yellow clothes collection boxes that they place at sites. They collect the clothes (usually 70 million pounds/year) and sell them wholesale to a number of customers in the U.S. and abroad as a means to financially support development projects (like IICD) overseas. Planet Aid donates 3/4 of their net income to support projects in eleven different countries in Africa, Central America, China and India. Yay! So we get to go from business to business to see if they would be willing to host one of the big yellow boxes. For each box we place, Planet Aid donates $150.00 Once again YAY! But there is a catch... Nobody wants a box. It's so frustrating. We need to try to average two a person/day and well, as seems to be usual for this trip, we are behind. We are very very behind.