Back on the Mountain

I was happy to be able to touch base with some friends from college in Buffalo though. We also took a quick little side trip to the Canadian side of the Falls. I'm back on the mountain now. There is almost nobody here. Three teams are still out fund-raising. Today was just fantastic! I began the day with a hike through the woods with Jai and J.T.

We discovered a new trail and hiked for about three hours uphill. It was so beautiful outside. I love Sundays, my commune with nature days. We sang Broadway show tunes as we hiked.

Open Sushi bar was our dinner. A group of our Japanese volunteers got together to make dinner. Can you say delicious! Then to end the day off right, Tracy, Iliana, Jai and I had an interactive RENT the movie viewing party. We sang, we danced, we delivered powerful monologues… It was a Tony award-winning scene.