Writing Gigs: Not a Bad Idea Really


If writers had gigs like musicians, oh what a wonderful world this would be! IMG_1517-0.JPGYesterday, I had the honor of participating in the Writers Work Fiction Reading in Midtown Manhattan.

It was a small and empowering event. I thrive off of the community that is built when people come together over a shared love for words.

Oh the power of a series of well placed words.

With writing being such a solitary art, it's a wonderful thing when a writer's words get a live audience.

It's powerful to hear the collective sighs, chuckles and silences. The faces in the audience reflecting the tone you've set with your series of carefully chosen words.

Words are so mighty.

Listening to your own as they escape your lips and travel around a crowded room. Taking in the words of others, carefully crafted expressions of their deepest selves.

Writers should be able to book gigs like musicians, they should have microphones and a corner chair at every bar, club or restaurant around the city.

Why not? A beer and a story.

Hear a tale, share a tale.

If writers booked gigs like musicians, imagine the walls that would come down, the hope and beauty that would thrive. Our darkest parts and our lightest parts connected in universal unity, over the age old condition of being human; a collection of people from here and there, bonded over the might of words.