Seamlessly Re-Kindling My Love for the Ocean

I wasn't always a beach person. For the first twenty years of my life, I liked the idea of the ocean, of the rolling waves, but had never had a moment of true connection.

Khao Lak, Thailand

Then I visited Thailand, Khao Lak, to be specific. It was as if I saw the water, the ocean, for the first time. The Adaman Sea was warm, the gentle waves, playful, inviting. From my waist to my feet, I could see the subtle layers of water and life.


Tofo Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique


















Then I went to Mozambique. In Inhambane, I fell in love. I would spend hours diving beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean. I'd watch the clouds, intent to note a change in formation, a change in hue as the twilight hours marked the end of a new day.

Back Camera











Then I went to Barbados. On Brandon's Beach I'd swim in the warm water wrapped in the cloak of midnight. Floating on my back, bobbing with the ebb and tide of the waves, I admired the stars, the moon.

Cahuita, Costa Rica









Then I went to Costa Rica. In Cahuita, I learned the art of the dead mans float and would spend the afternoons atop the water's surface staring at the sea urchin and barracuda fish below me.


Like old lovers seamlessly re-kindling their love, the ocean and I are always a few steps from each others.

Where do you like to connect with the ocean?