The Three Things You Must Do When Visiting Newport, Rhode Island!

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

Every once in a while along my travels, I step into a place that just fits. A space that speaks to me in the way I need to be spoken to, one that nourishes my senses, appeals to my love of art and culture while offering breathtaking landscapes. Rhode Island, Newport in particular is one such place.

Newport was our little vacation spot last summer and I can't wait to go back!

The Three Things You Must Do When Visiting Newport, Rhode Island!

Rhode Island is perhaps the number one, supremo uno, most beautiful, stunning and awe inspiring state in the union. Aesthetically speaking, Rhode Island, with it's lush floral green contrasted by boulder studded azure, from the funky sidewalk cafes of Providence to the palatial seaside mansions of Newport and Kingston, may be one of the best kept secrets in New England.

Be it tiny, the oft forgotten state of Rhode Island leads the way when it comes to natural beauty!

The tiny ocean side town of Newport is one of Rhode Island's shining gems!

On our latest mini-break (I consider anything less than three nights to be just that), we visited the tranquil ocean side town of Newport.

Newport is a nautical pleasure!

More down to earth than her cousins (The Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard), Newport has something for everyone, from families with small children, to couples, to a group of girlfriends and retirees. Under whatever guise you may arrive, here are three simple things that I recommend doing if you've got a day or a weekend to spend in this breezy azure wonderland.

The Three Things You Must Do When Visiting Newport, Rhode Island!

1. Drive Along Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a historic, ten mile strip that snakes along the sparkling ocean coast. Don't rush through it! The views are spectacular. Lighthouses, parks, gardens, historic mansions all vie for attention. This is a wonderful picnic destination and provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll or photo shoot. The area is also known for kite flying.

2. Explore Downtown Newport

Downtown Newport is small but charming. Completely walkable, Ocean Drive lets out in Downtown where you can walk the piers, shop for nautical treasures at local boutiques or dine at one of the many seafood restaurants.

3. Eat Lobster

Lobster of Newport, RI

Lobster of Newport, RI

Need I say more! If you love lobster, Newport serves it up to perfection.

Newport is one of the most scenic seaside cities along the east coast!

If you're planning a stay in Newport, you'll want to book ahead. Hotels and properties for rent, especially during the busy summer season fill up fast and come at a steep price.


An Orchid Grows in the Bronx

20140308-215124.jpg Today, in New York, the sun finally came out. People took to the streets grinning, shedding layer after layer as the temperature climbed to a whopping 58 degrees. It was a miraculous gift of a day and I took the opportunity to jump in the car, roll down the windows and continue my exploration of the Bronx by visiting the New York Botanical Gardens.




20140308-215055.jpg20140308-215038.jpg20140308-215046.jpg20140308-215020.jpg20140308-215029.jpg20140308-215002.jpg20140308-215012.jpg20140308-214953.jpg20140308-214942.jpg20140308-214933.jpg20140308-214924.jpg20140308-214913.jpg20140308-214904.jpg20140308-214854.jpg20140308-214845.jpg20140308-214837.jpg20140308-214827.jpg20140308-214817.jpg20140308-214801.jpg20140308-214752.jpg20140308-214809.jpg20140308-214734.jpg20140308-214743.jpg20140308-214724.jpg20140308-214713.jpgThe much anticipated Orchid Show is currently in town. From now until April 21st, you can stop by the New York Botanical Gardens to get a rare up close look at some of the rarest, intricate and beautiful orchids on earth. This years theme is Key West Contemporary and with temperatures in the greenhouse feeling close to eighty, I truly felt, for a moment, that I was indeed in a sunny garden in tropical Key West.