Brunch and a Stroll in Old Town Alexandria

I am charmed by details. The subtle nuances that differentiate one place from another, one space, one moment from the next.

In many ways Old Town Alexandria, Virginia is a charming Southern colonial city, not unlike others. Upon closer inspection however, one notices the deep red brick of the row homes, the fading red brick of the road, the immaculate attention to detail- black iron sconces, olive-green window shutters, starched American flags billowing in the wind, and you realize you're in a very unique and special place; a tiny, sophisticated, literary, nautical, colonial city draped in red brick and set on the water.

About 30 minutes from my home in Maryland, Old Town Alexandria is one of my favorite places to spend a weekend afternoon. Old Town Alexandria has all the sophisticated perks of a city, beautiful boutiques, shops, restaurants, yoga studios, art, and parks, without the hassle and clamor of urban living. Old Town Alexandria is small, neat, quiet, and mannerly. There is always parking. It's the kind of place that makes me smile.

The afternoon was brisk, naked trees swayed, the water at the pier was still, almost black. Vapor billowed from the mouths of obediently tied Labrador Retrievers as they kept guard of their humans from their lamp posts, as they waited for them to finish fetching their morning tea or croissant.

This Sunday, I was in Old Town to meet my friend Tamika (the same Tamika from the Mozambique posts) for brunch. Arriving early, Ohm and I took a stroll to explore. Ohm hobbled along obediently for two blocks before dancing on his toes, hands raised above his head, imploring to be lifted. He was not in the mood to walk. I wanted to take pictures and he wanted to be carried. He got his way.

Old Town Alexandria is full of families. Baby buggies and dogs ruled the cobblestone streets. Couples walked hand in hand with their little-ones strapped close in their baby bjorns and ergos.

We met Tamika by the dock on The Strand, one of Old Town's main drags. After eying our brunch options, we settled on the Union Street Public House, it was lovely. I loved the mahogany wood interior and the brunch bread basket (piping hot buttermilk biscuits, sweet cornbread, and muffins). Restaurants in Old Town are ready for their tiniest diners. Union Street Public House was no exception. They had a simple children's menu, crayons and coloring books. Ohm was a happy little guy, which means I was a happy mommy. We took our time eating brunch and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in Old Town Alexandria.

If you're planning a trip to D.C., Old Town Alexandria, Virginia  (located right across the Potomac- approx. 10 minutes away) is worth a stop.