The Paint Project Is Finished!


If there is anything more tedious than painting for hours on endit is scraping up paint drips with a scraper and turpentine in the burning hot sun. This I'm afraid is how I spent my morning and afternoon. Then I painted again (touch ups). I am not sad to say good riddance to this project.

But what doesn't kill you dead, they say will make you stronger, so I suppose by now I am a strong woman.

After all of this, I moved from the Lodge to the Brook House (the haunted place) into my triple (my permanent room), I'm the only one here so far but it's still daylight so I am not going to complain. The rest of my team should arrive soon. It is almost time to begin my training. I am one step closer to working abroad. I'll be sharing the room with Tamika from Maryland and Camila from Brazil. The room has amazing closet and storage space which is a plus, but it's hot and there are enormous moths everywhere. Oh well, the good comes with the bad. Now I can finally get settled.