Seattle's Original Pyramid Ale House- An Inside Look

Introducing my awesome cousin-in-law Master Chef Marcos Villagran!

Okay, maybe that's not a real title, the cousin-in-law part that is. Either way, Marcos is the brilliant head Chef at Seattle's original Pyramid Brewery.

Pyramid Breweries Seattle Alehouse is the original Pyramid Brewery site. Doubling as a brewery and restaurant/alehouse, the restaurant is popular amongst locals looking for a specialty brew, savory bar food and a place to watch the game.

There's also a beer garden.

This is where the magic happens. Pyramid produces award-winning beer. They've been winning awards consistently since 1985 for their quality brews. The Pacific Northwest has a distinct brew culture and at Pyramid, there is a lot of brewer's pride.  It was clear that Pyramid wasn't your standard chain sports bar establishment that shoveled forth mediocre burgers and Budweiser. Here you can find a complex bar menu, one that relies on their prized brew to enhance the flavor of the food. Pyramid is a place for the beer connoisseur, a place where food is expertly paired with complimentary beers.

Located directly across from Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, and just a block south of Qwest Field, Pyramid is the place to hang out for a pre or post game meal, or if you're not lucky enough to score tickets, serves as the perfect vantage point from which to join in the frenzied action at the bar.

Ohm wasn't very excited about the beer, he's more of a milk guy. Brielle, on the other hand, was thrilled.

After our tour, we got to sit down and have lunch with the chef! The food was awesome. My turkey burger was tender and the fries were really yummy. No complaints from this gal! As I'm not really a beer drinker, I didn't order one of my own, but Mark and Marcos were very happy with their selections. Back to the food, there are vegan and gluten-free options (love it! just saying).

After lunch, it was back to work for the chef!

Brielle, Mark, and I, waddled off our meal with some downtown Seattle sightseeing.

Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery & Restaurant 1201 First Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 682-3377