Cooked Sushi

I am pregnant. My list of things that I can not do is vast. I can not drink sake. I can't visit the famous Japanese hot springs. I can not eat sushi. I thought I was doomed to spend my time in Japan slurping down noodles until Mark and I found this sushi establishment in Rapungi. On the menu, seared sushi- I was saved.

The sushi was so fresh. I ordered shrimp and salmon (it's best not to get too crazy during the first trimester).

The chef made our rolls right there in front of us.

Our sushi came with a bottomless  cup of green tea.

*Note: Asking for ginger and wasabi on the side is a bit rude. The chef looked mortally wounded when we requested this as we are accustomed to in the states. "I have already placed it inside" was his horrified reply. And he had, he knew what he was doing and the food was phenomenal.