Last night, a bunch of us got together for dinner at Sem Ceremonias. We were eating and having a good time when Wendy, out of nowhere declared that a rabies outbreak had recently been declared in Inhambane province. We scoffed at this news and made jokes."No, ten people have died already. Many dogs have been put down." She was very serious.

After dinner, Lynne, Tamika and I walked through the quiet calm streets of Inhambane towards Lynne's house. It was a beautiful evening, almost a full moon, every pebble on the ground was illuminated. Magnolia blossoms lightly scented the cool breezy air, everything was perfect.

Then, out of nowhere we heard barking. Stopping dead in our tracks, we looked up to see (I kid you not) a pack of about eight dogs barking and running towards us.

I froze, Tamika froze, Lynne began to run, then I began to run followed by Tamika. "Into the truck!" Lynne ordered and jumped into the bed of a pick-up truck that was parked on the side of the street. I needed no convincing. I lept in as limber as a pole vaulter. Tamika was the last one in. Everyone on the street turned to watch the scene. Three girls screaming, being chased by a pack of dogs, clamoring into the back of a parked truck and the dogs as if they didn't even know we were there ran by leaving us petrified and looking like fools, clinging to each other for dear life in the back of someone's vehicle.