EPF Benguela- It's Official!

I just received my official job description.From February 2008- August 2008, I'll be working at the Escola de Profesores do Futuro em Benguela ( school for future teachers of benguela). The focus of the school is to train teachers from the primary schools in rural areas. The education is progressive in its approach and rigorous. I'll be responsible for teaching some of the following courses (in Portuguese) : English, Mathematics, Science, Communications, The World Today, Angola Today, Geography, History, Arts, Economics, Philosophy of Education, Didactic, Pedagogy, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology and School Administration. (Needless to say, I think I'll leave the Math to someone else!) I'll also be doing Political Theatre Workshops, Gardening Club, Health Club and English Club (where i'll teach English through popular songs ;0) ) and depending on how my studies go, I may hold HIV/AIDS and Malaria prevention workshops (time will only tell).

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!