Tokyo, Japan: Photo Essay

Tokyo has such a distinct and multi-layered personality. From the hustle and bustle of Shibuya , to the wacky off-beat Harajuku girls, to the seedy strip clubs and escort services in Roppongi, to the quite dignified air of the Imperial Palace, and the electric lights and gadgets in Akihabara, Tokyo is a city like no other. It is a city where:

- subways sing

-people worship in beautiful temples and shrines

-tradition is time-honored

-civility and a stiff upper lip are a must

-toilets have bidets, seat warmers and sound settings (babbling brook or Chopin?)

-service is impeccable even though you're not expected to tip

-elderly people walk the streets with the agility of forty-year olds

-gangs and organized crime are quite prominent (though you'd probably never notice it)

-order is observed impeccably

-almost everyone smokes everywhere

-office workers dress in color code according to rank and position

-in terms of fashion, anything goes

-men take pleasure in accessorizing and aren't afraid to carry a murse or two

-women are fond of wearing socks with their high heals

-homeless people sleep in elaborate cardboard box tunnels beneath bridges

-it's easier to find a box of depends than a bag of diapers

-you'll find an amazing selection of food






Thanks for a great time Tokyo! I leave a few pounds heavier and several yen poorer :)


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