Bubble-Bubble-Toil and Trouble!

HAPPY TWO MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO ME! Our dinner party last night was a success. Matapa always goes over well. Oh, I love Mozambican food! Matapa is my favorite local dish. Matapa consists of the leaves from the casava plant. Casava plants are everywhere, the leaves sort of look like marijuana. The leaves are boiled and sauteed in a coconut milk and peanut sauce curry and served over coconut rice. Delicious!!!!!! Our empragada (housekeeper Juakina) makes the best Matapa on this side of the Indian Ocean. We're lucky to have her.

The breakfast Tracy and I prepared for the students was slightly chaotic. My oatmeal was a little on the salty side. I'm not sure what happened but my pinch turned into a cup. I'm not used to making oatmeal by the cauldron full. I felt like I was enacting the first scene of Macbeth. The students liked their breakfast. It was so funny to see them eating western-ish food for the first time. They didn't know what oatmeal was or what french toast was. They thought something was wrong with the bread until they tasted it. The fruit salad was familiar to them at least.

I'm off to sort the garbage!