Street Art or Sabotage?


SONY DSC Lisbon is welcoming us with twinkling eyes. We've hit somewhat of a winning streak, particularly when it comes to this unseasonably warm and sunny weather. In a city that is gray and sodden a typical 138 days out of the year (June-August are supposed to be lovely),  Lisbon, with its perfect Mediterranean summer weather is a city of extremes.

For us, Lisbon is revealing nothing of her dark dreary side. Clean, beautiful, ornate and charming, this city of surprises can add gritty and edgy to its virtues.

I'm awed by the graffiti street art that sprinkles many of Lisbon's old historic buildings. The city at times reminds me of an elegant older lady, sophisticated and dressed to the nines with both arms full of shocking colorful tattoos.

Take a look...





What do you think, art or sabotage?