DIY All Natural, Oil Absorbing Translucent Facial Powder

Are you ready to make a DIY All Natural, Oil Absorbing Translucent Facial Powder?IMG_0633.JPG

A few weeks ago, I spent a pretty penny on a bottle of Bare Minerals liquid make-up. It looks amazing, so I'm not complaining, but when the saleswoman asked if I wanted to buy some translucent powder to set it, I gave her a confident "No!"

Liquid make-up, I have NO idea how to make. Translucent facial powder however, I do!

Translucent powder is so easy to make. It takes about four brisk steps. The result, is a silky, long lasting, oil absorbing powder that is as curative as it is fabulous.

DIY All Natural, Oil Absorbing Translucent Facial Powder

To make this powder, you'll need: cornstarch (2 teaspoons), cocoa powder (1 teaspoon), bentonite clay ( 2 teaspoons) and turmeric (1/8 teaspoon). Organic, high quality ingredients are always best!

Before I get into the steps, I'd like to wax poetic about the ingredients.

Bentonite Clay: An ancient healing clay, bentonite clay is made of aged volcanic ash. Very fine in texture, this powder has the ability to draw out toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from your skin. Bentonite clay carries a powerful negative electric charge. Once the clay combines with water (aka your perspiration) it gets to work, purifying and removing toxins. Never use a metal spoon to scoop or mix your bentonite clay because the metal with interfere with the healing electric charge.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an ancient healing spice. Used often in Ayurvedic preparations, turmeric contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Used externally for beautification in India and Thailand, turmeric fights blemishes, rashes and wrinkles.

Cocoa Powder: Not only does cocoa powder smell and taste delicious, it's full of antioxidants for rapid cellular regeneration. Cocoa also neutralizes harmful free radicals.

Cornstarch: Cornstarch is for more than cooking! This highly absorbent and light powder soothes skin while drawing out impurities.

Here's how to make your powder:




IMG_0636.JPG IMG_0637.JPG


There you have it- all natural, oil absorbing, translucent facial powder!

This version is so much cheaper and is completely free of chemicals, metals and other synthetic products that are unfortunately found in many commercial make-up brands.

* You can find bentonite clay at most health food stores, or on or through Mountain Rose Herbs!