Magnolias in the distance

I was sick this week-end. I had some sort of a stomach bug that has been going around.I've lost so much weight since I've arrived, my clothes are all too big. It's ridiculous. Even my underwear are baggy. I have to buy new clothes, pants in particular.

Sunday was a full moon and we went to a full moon party on the beach at DINO's (one of the resort restaurants in Tofo). They have a full moon party every full moon. It was so much fun. It's tourist season right now so there were so many new people to meet, not just the "regulars". I had fun! A lot of fun!!! I met someone. I've got such a crush. I feel like I'm 12 years old again. We'll call him J and he's Mozambican, from Maputo in town scoping out sites to open a backpackers on one of the beaches in Inhambane.

The weather is freezing. I say this because I've grown accustomed to 90 degrees and it is currently 60-70 during the day and 40ish at night. Winter season is here and it's really blustery. Last night, I heard the cyclone warning horns in the distance, but the scary thing is that unless someone tells me that we are about to have a cyclone, I'd never know. Nor do I know what to do in the event that we do get one, so, let's hope that doesn't happen.

A magnolia bush is flourishing in our backyard. It smells sooooo nice. Tracy and I have been walking around with the flowers and buds in our hair. We get a lot of odd looks. I've started pressing and drying the flowers and using them to decorate my recycled books. I've been creating various notebooks using recycled cardboard and paper. Soon I'll lead a workshop. I've also made candle holders using recycled coconut shell and plastic bottles. Wish I had more tools, like wire pliers, so that I could manipulate aluminum cans into beads.

I know for next time!