Flashes beneath the tropic of capricorn

Here, the lightning takes stage a good two hours before the rain and thunder. It's such a show. The sky becomes illuminated with  bright flashes of pink, purple and yellow. It's a silent show that never fails to stop me dead in my tracks. Perhaps this is always how it is, maybe I have never noticed since I can not remember at any point in my life seeing such a great expanse of sky. Either way, the sky over Mozambique is brilliant. We've had powerful thunder and lightning storms for the last two nights. The power has come and gone several times during the evening hours. We light our house by sticking candles in Lemon Twist bottles. The wax melts over the bottle and creates volcanic art pieces.

Tomorrow Tracy leaves. I can't believe it. The house will not be the same. Later this afternoon, we are supposed to get a new Development Instructor from Spain. Our little house is filling up. On Friday, I'm leaving for my two week investigation period and when I return Tamika will also join me in Inhambane. It will be a nice IICD-Massachusetts reunion and a full house. All of the four bedrooms will be occupied.

I'm teaching another yoga class this Thursday! I am having such a great time teaching yoga. One of the first things that I am going to do when I get back to New York is become certified.

I haven't seen any disturbing insects in weeks. I hope I don't curse myself. Last night I did fall asleep with a mosquito trapped inside of my net. Talk about irritating. It kept buzzing in my ear but I wasn't fast enough to kill it. I haven't been bitten though, so I don't know what happened to it? Somehow between the thunder and mosquito buzzing, I fell asleep.

We've almost caught up with our LOST episodes. We've got three more episodes to watch and we'll be at pace with the rest of the world. I'm completely caught up with 30 Rock (my new favorite show).

It's the little things. It really is the little things that make all the difference!