What exactly is a cyclone?

The weather alert is calling for a cyclone.Hmmmmm... I'm not sure what that is exactly. Is that a tornado over water? It's supposed to touch down this afternoon, so I guess I'll soon find out.

We were up at five again this morning to work the garden. We are now in the process of fertilizing our sandy soil by filling our trenches with dead grass and leaves. It's no fun gathering the stuff because it scratches your arms up. Then, once we've filled the trenches we have to stomp on the dead leaves and grass "I Love Lucy" style to pack it down for the next layer of compost. That part is fun.

We've got a new house mate for a week. It's nice to have another person in the house. There are two of us sharing a four bedroom so it's kind of empty. Tina is from the ADPP project in Maputo and she's on her investigation period where she's investigating another project in Mozambique- ours.

I taught my first class last Monday. It went well. My classes are an hour so they're not too terribly difficult to manage at all. My students are intermediate English speakers and they're really sweet. I need to break them out of the habit of mumbling and speaking softly. I can never hear them and I don't know how a classroom full of kiddies will ever hear them. The women are especially shy and passive, it's so sad to see. They must think I'm crazy because my theatre major lungs can project and I'm always engaging them, asking questions and making them get up to play games or do activities. I teach again in about twenty minutes, the same group. I'm finding ways to sneak pedagogical studies into my lessons. Today they will be learning "Three Little Birds" in round. Yep, in round! Along with how to tell the time and a number review.

I know, I know, It's almost too exciting to handle, but I will manage.