The mosquitoes are out in swarms and they are steadily feeding on my flesh. In the past, we didn't have a problem at all with these little buggers. When I arrived, towards the end of the summer/rainy season, I was told the mosquitoes would be at their peak. I was rarely bitten, barely saw them.

Now that it's winter, a cool breezy seventy degrees, they are everywhere. It's really bizarre. They're in our house, they're by the well and worst of all, they hang out in our bath hut.

I shower around six am, peak mosquito hour and they are everywhere. Someone is leaving water, stagnant water in the bucket overnight so by the time I arrive, they are swarming and hungry. And what can I do? It's not like I can shower with my clothes on. I am going to bring lemongrass incense with me tomorrow morning, the pesky buggers hate smoke and they hate lemongrass or so I've been told. I hope it works because I have to bathe and I really don't want malaria. I'm not taking any preventive medication (personal choice) and would like to leave Mozie without any unfortunate incidents.

Yesterday was pay day!!!!!! Our money was eight days late, but that's how people roll here at ADPP, what can I do? Tracy and I went to the Mercado Central and purchased so much food we could barely waddle home. Akisha has been a positive influence on us. Every time we go to her house we cook and now we're going to cook more often. It is difficult because we don't actually have an oven, only a tiny burner, but creativity will get you far. Last night we ate tuna salad, with hard boiled eggs and a weird crepe/cracker/omelet creation (Tracy's idea) made out of oatmeal, salt and eggs. It was a good dinner actually and this morning, I woke up early to fix a steaming pot of delicious oatmeal. Not to brag, but my oatmeal is amazing, and it's tri-doshic (for those of you who follow Ayurveda). I should have my own cooking show. It was so good! The butter and milk here aren't pasteurized and contain no nasty hormones or chemicals like the dairy at home. Everything tastes so much better.

I am also a fashion designer! After watching a season of Project Runway, I sketched (albeit badly) some designs for shirts and pants and bags. Yesterday, I went to a seamstress and gave her my designs and some capalanas and she's going to bring my sketches to life. I get my goods on Friday. So excited!

Creativity here is king. I love it.