Explore Seattle's Funky Neighborhoods

No trip to the Seattle region is complete without exploring the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding the city.

Washington state is breathtaking.

Luckily my cousin Brielle and my friend Elisha were amazing tour guides who not only showed me the heart of Seattle, but the beauty of the surrounding areas as well.

Ohm and Brielle before our Vegan brunch

Loved these meditation cards. Each card had a quote about peace or inner-reflection. Excellent talking points. Sometimes it's the little things.

Silence-Heart-Nest, not only served up amazing Vegan and Vegetarian food, they were ready for my toddler. Not only did he get a high-chair and sippy cup, but they came out with toys for him to play with- right on! He was happy and I was able to chitty-chat with Brielle.

Catching up with Elisha in Ballard

The Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden - really beautiful

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard- Fish conservation project

The Troll under the bridge in Fremont

Neighborhoods Visited: Fremont (North of downtown)  and Ballard (North West of downtown) Washington

I loved Freemont's bohemian, quirky personality. Freemont is a wonderful place to go shopping. It's lined with boutiques that surprisingly (at least compared to NY) were not too expensive. Freemont is also a great place to grab Vegetarian food or to relax and people watch at a cafe.

Ballard was absolutely picturesque. Right on the water, the views, the sunset, were all truly astonishing. Ballard was super family friendly.

The Seattle, Washington region is lovely and worthy of exploring. This is a wonderful city for a family vacation.