Harlem, New York- A Photo Essay

Harlem Hospital

Before I settled in Brooklyn, I was a Harlem girl.

Harlem, is one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. Despite all of the changes and growth, it's still a "neighborhood." Harlem is a place where people will still take the time to acknowledge you with a greeting, a rare Manhattan place where neighbors know each other by name, for the most part that is.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Harlem while attending the Blogging While Brown conference hosted at the Schomburg Center. Many things have changed since I lived here- for instance, Harlem is about to get a Whole Foods grocery store! Many things have also stayed the same- the relaxed pace of life (in comparison to the rest of Manhattan), the easy smiles.

The Abyssinian Baptist Church


Abyssinian Baptist Church

The Abyssinian Baptist Church

Striver's Row Harlem

Harlem Brownstones

The Schomburg Center

Susan and Ohm stroll along Lenox Ave.

Harlem Social- The place to be seen in Harlem

Red Rooster

One thing I remember vividly about living in Harlem, was the fact that on any given Sunday, you'd see a parade of church ladies wearing elaborate hats.

In fact, there seem to be churches on every corner

Ubiquitous also are the beautiful Harlem brownstones.

These are some of the most spacious and desirable homes in Manhattan

Bake My Cake- Harlem

The interior is adorable as well

Have you been to Harlem? What were your impressions?