How to Make Deodorant using Shea and Lavender

I'm on a shea butter kick. I'm doing research for a project that will keep me busy for the next six weeks or so. To stock up my arsenal until my 30 pound bulk shipment arrives, I walked 10 blocks, over icy city streets and purchased a ten pound tub, which I laboriously carried back home (sans incident I'd like to brag). Having hunted and gathered, the games have begun!

How to Make Deodorant using Shea and Lavender

The first thing I made today was deodorant. My husband has been complaining about the powdered deodorant that I usually make because it's messy when he carries it in his gym bag. Since I promised an alternative, I had to deliver. I found some old travel sized deodorant tubes lying around, emptied them out and made my own- completely organic, all natural, aromatic shea based deodorant. It was so EASY! I did the whole thing while balancing my seven month old on my left hip.


This is a great deodorant for people with sensitive skin. It also works well if you've just shaved your arm pits and you don't want to experience that uncomfortable burning sensation that can accompany store bought chemical deodorants.

As a breastfeeding mama, I love this shea and lavender deodorant formula because I know my little guy isn't ingesting any harsh chemicals. Remember- what you put on your skin gets absorbed and can end up in your blood stream.

Here's my recipe:

1 teaspoon beeswax

5 teaspoons shea butter

2 teaspoons bentonite clay

15 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops cinnamon essential oil

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon vitamin E

In a double boiler (or pyrex bowl inside a pot) melt your beeswax and shea together until a liquid is formed.

Add the vitamin E oil to the liquid and blend.

Add the bentonite clay and baking soda and mix. Note, when using bentonite clay, you don't want to use a metal spoon because metal reacts with the healing properties of bentonite. Use a wooden or plastic spoon.


Add in your essential oils and mix until the liquid froths a bit and thickens.

Pour into empty deodorant tubes and VOILA!



You can let the deodorant set in the refrigerator for an hour before introducing it to a room temperature environment, or you can set it out overnight at room temperature.


It is that easy!

This recipe will fill about two tubes. One for home and one for the gym!