TWIDLWNIWNM (Another tale in one act)

Act I.(The teachers office ADPP)

Teacher who I don't like whose name I will not mention: Ah, Sojo, my big boss, how goes it? Sojo: Hi TWIDLWNIWNM: Sojo, yah, I need something Sojo: yes TWIDLWNIWNM: I don't know what we will do Sojo: Why? TWIDLWNIWNM: On the computer, I must make a message to teacher Tracy Sojo: Okay... TWIDLWNIWNM: Well you can do it Sojo: What? TWIDLWNIWNM: Yah! sojo: What do you want me to do? TWIDLWNIWNM: I need you to make an email Sojo: what do you want me to do???? TWIDLWNIWNM: Yah, well you can write it Sojo: You can write your own email TWIDLWNIWNM: No I haven't the know how Sojo: You don't know how? TWIDLWNIWNM: Yes, No, Yes, it's very difficult Sojo: Do you want me to show you how so that it won't be difficult anymore? TWIDLWNIWNM: No you see it's difficult Sojo: No, I'll show you TWIDLWNIWNM: No you will write it Sojo: You need to learn TWIDLWNIWNM: No not today Sojo: You realize I'm going baack to New York soon and then what will you do? TWIDLWNIWNM: (crazy laughter) Sojo: (stone faced silence) TWIDLWNIWNM: Ok so write Sojo: Write what? You're not making any sense TWIDLWNIWNM: (more crazy laughter) Sojo: TWIDLWNIWNM, I'm going to count to three and if you can't tell me exactly what you want I'm walking away...1...2.. TWIDLWNIWNM: Oh Sojo my big boss, come sit, tell teacher Tracy I need some papers Sojo: What papers? You need to be specific. You want me to email Tracy who is back home in Westchester about "some" papers. I don't think she's going to know what you're talking about TWIDLWNIWNM: (even more crazy laughter) Sojo: (eyes become slits) TWIDLWNIWNM: Oh Sojo (pets her on the head as if she is a stupid dog who can't be trained) Yes