Eu Estou Bem

I am better now! I had some sort of a flu strain from South Africa. I'm glad it wasn't malaria. We both had all of the classic symptoms. I've actually never had the flu before. I hardly ever get sick back in the states.  The flu is no good.

Tracy and I made a new friend!!!!! :0) Her name is Akeisha and she's an American from North Carolina. She teaches at the Eduardo Mondlane University (she's a former Peace Corps gal). It's so nice to have another American to click with. I know I didn't come to Mozambique to find other Americans to buddy up with. I am very conscious of trying to befriend a wide variety of people. It is just really hard with the other teachers at the project because, well, they're very distant. The other teachers don't even seem to hang out with each other very much. Anyhow... We just came back from a really nice dinner at a fancy restaurant in town where we met Akeisha's British friend Wendy, also very nice. It looks as though we are expanding our network. It's so nice to once again have a group of friends to do things with.